Why Get A Script Report?

Reports and clearances involve reading and breaking down your script into different categories such as characters, locations, props, tradenames and trademarks, phone numbers, artwork and many more. By doing so, this allows production to identify possible legal conflicts if used as written. When necessary, The Domain Group, Inc. will suggest cleared alternatives to problem entries. Production can also submit alternatives for additional research.

Each report gives production a bird's-eye view of their project and the ability to prioritize items that need your attention. Report entry's status is clearly labeled for easy reading. This is also helpful when submitting different elements to your production attorney for review. 

If you are interested in using copyright or trademarked elements in your production, we can assist you by handling all clearances or your project. We work closely with your clearance coordinator to ensure you have what you need. We help facilitate release agreements and payment, permissions for licensed elements, and more.

Script Clearance Reports
E&O Insurance

Script Clearance Reports E&O Insurance

Production Consulting

Script Clearance Reports E&O Insurance

Many of our clients request us to assist with the day-to-day clearance and research needs of their production.  We work remotely from our offices but are in constant contact with the shows and respond immediately to requests.  Our services include research/clearances and placements.  We can also be apart of production meetings and attorney meetings.

Product Placement

Script Clearance Reports E&O Insurance

Need some water for set?  How about a car placement?  No problem.  We have been handling placements for over 14 years.   Now we have partnered with our sister-company, BrandwoodGlobal.com, to provide you with matching services for your production so you can focus on other urgent matters.

Script Breakdown Reports

Script Clearance Reports E&O Insurance

Our state-of-the-art reports are created in Filemaker so that we can provide clear and concise reports with graphics and comments.  If you are interested in clearances for your project,  your script report will become a comprehensive script/clearance report.

 We also do Title and Copyright Reports.

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